Taizhou Heri Auto Parts Co.,ltd.
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Presently faces the society, because of work requirements, the open recruitment secretarial staff 1, nature of labor to prepare the labor contract.

1. The basic conditions, apply for personnel.

Taizhou household registration, or female, college degree or above, age below 35 one full year of life, healthy body, the political quality is good, have certain writing ability, able to skillfully use the WORD, we have long term work in this wish, enterprising and bear hardships and stand hard work spirit.

2. the time and place of signing up
Apply for personnel to carry id card, a copy each of the original and the copy of degree certificate, 2 inch photos, 1 to August 27, 2014 to taizhou city association for science and technology office for registration. Taizhou city federation of trade unions (building room 527). Contact phone number: 88819678, 88513313.

3. employ measures and treatment
The written examination, interview method, the combination of merit-based according to the results of the test. Treatment by taizhou outside the relevant regulations of the labor contract labor, there are five insurances. After employed according to taizhou on side labor contract management measures and taizhou city human resources development co., LTD., sign labor contract, the labor dispatching management.

Taizhou city association for science and technology


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